“Eldin pointed to the whites stones marked with stars and crescents and Islamic names and said, Now i feel  better.” The people of Bosnia had to go through many tough things but in the end they ended up with unity. The color white is know for purity, innocence, wholeness and completion in our society. Also it is know for death and mourning in other places. In the story it is meaning the death and mourning of the graveyard and the undead living now in peace and in the war anymore. The dead are now complete with life and now they are in peace with life. The stones meaning in Islam is central point of worship for a Muslim is the Ka’aba at Mecca. The stones shows their way of worship and they see things differently. Another stone meaning is paradigmatic of stability, hardness and endurance in all languages. The bosnians went though hardship and endured ethnic cleansing during the war trying to take them off the planet. Stars meanings can be seen misunderstood or unknown. The bosnians were misunderstood and people saw them as a bad thing in the world and had to taken out. The stars also can represent the unknown of what the bosnians were facing during the war and the unknown things they were facing from their enemies. Islamic can represent Islam and the meaning of it is peace and submission. The Islamic people are a people of peace and would like to avoid conflict. The people of Bosnia did nothing to provoke the things that happened to them. They were peaceful with other people and no problems with others to start the things that happened to them.


Response to literature “Shooting an Elephant” Short Story

The short story, “Shooting an Elephant”, by George Orwell does display political and non political themes in the story. The story follows a man and his decision on whether to shoot an elephant. The man lives in a place where he is not liked due to political issues. And the nonpolitical issue is to shoot or not to shoot an elephant.

The political issue the man faces is time and place where he lives. The man is living in a conquered place by the British empire in Burma. The people of that area do not like man just because he is part of the British empire. The man states “I was subdivisional police officer of the town, and in an aimless, petty kind of way anti-European feeling was bitter.”(1) The man was treated poorly by the Burmans because he was a just a political tool and only and take out their frustrations on the man. A nonpolitical issue the man faced was to shoot the elephant or not to shoot.

The elephant had gone on a rampage and it destroyed homes and it killed one of the natives. After  it as calm down the man did not want to shoot the elephant in it’s calm state of mind. The man says “but I did not want to shoot the elephant… it would be murder to shoot him.”(8) Since the elephant had become gentle after it’s rampage it would be wrong to kill it. The man was thinking with his head and also was think about the elephant’s owner. But in the end the man shot the elephant dead.
A important thing to me is the reason why the man shot the elephant was did not look weak. There were people around him waiting for him to shoot it so did not want to look weak to the people that did not like him. In the end he says”I often wondered whether any of the others grasped that I had done it solely to avoid looking like a fool.”(14)

I Stand here ironing

The short story “I stand here ironing” by Tillie Olsen reflects on social conditions . It is confided in and though out the short story. There are a lot of text to support that point of view. The way she paints the social conditions are put in a negative way based on how the social conditions were in the short story.

The mother in the story gives a lot of examples on the way the social conditions were in the past. The mother states that her daughter was not like the other girls in and around they live by “She was vulnerable for the that terrible world of youthful competition”(96) . Her daughter did not fit into the normal world and was seen has an outcast by not fitting in. Here is an example of her not fitting in “If I had that cooper hair, If I had that skin… She tormented herself enough about not looking like the others”(96). it shows that her daughter knew she was an outcast and desperately wanted to fit in like others around her.

Another way the mother painted the social conditions in a negative way was that she put her daughter in a convalescent home. The home was a place her daughter lived in and it was bad. It shows that by “Each visit she looked frailer”(95). it shows that the daughter did not like the place and refused to eat the food that she was provided was. It shows a way of protect for her not wanting to be there.

about me

My goal in the class is to pass it with an A but mostly I will probably get a B.I am in the class so I can transfer to another college and get more education for my life. I would like to start reading and get into a habit of liking to read but we see. I would like to be a better writer I really do not like to write. A goal of mine in college is transfer to another college and get a degree in history I really like history and learning about different things from the past. In the future I would like to become a history teacher in life that is another goal of mine in life. The learning style that I learn from is when the teacher actually teach something and not leaving the class to find out what to do next. I do not have any needs in the classroom just for the teacher to their job and learning from them. I enjoy sports and try to follow up on much as I can. I like to know at least something from different sports so I can to talk to people who are into that sport and learn more about it. I would I say I do not have a hobbies in the classic sense like stamp collecting and things of that sort. I would I like to collect movies if that would be a hobbie of mine. Outside of the classroom I am nice and friendly with my family and friends. I like to be with friends and family. I like to try different things and go to different places. I have a mellow type and go with the flow attitude. I would also say I have a nonchalant attitude too I like that about me I do not know why but I do.